Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year

I havent posted in awhile but I have been enjoying the new year. it has started out a little crazy. Tim's friend came down with his 2 boys and they really enjoyed themselves. I don't mind feeding them, I guess my Italian roots are popping out. My baby boy did get an ear infection, pink eye and eczema all at once. The antibiotic is tearing up his stomach tho. I have been giving him yogurt, bananas, and lactobacil powder. It doesnt seem to be working. But he is defin back to his old self despite the leaky butt. He is such a silly kid. Sometimes before I put him to bed, I thank him for choosing me as his mommy. Today he was putting a bowl on his and my head, laughing hysterically. Such a silly, happy boy.
I have actually been in a pretty good mood. I am trying to adjust my eating habits, eating somewhat healthier by getting more fruit into my diet. I am going to go back to walking once I can stand being outside for more than 10 minutes. Maybe March?
Something needs to be done, maybe by helping my outer self, I can help my inner self.