Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another beautiful snowy day off....

How lucky am I that most of the snow fall has happened on my days off? Mother Nature is looking out for me. It looks so pretty outside, I wanna take B out but he's not sure about it. Plus it's icey. eww.
It's nice and quite, I put B down for a nap. Not sure what to do now. Maybe dishes? yeck.
I love love the snow but I hate the cold with it. Maybe it will be 75 tomorrow? lol
On another note, they changed the day of my class from Thurs to Mon. ehhh But now, maybe i can take that yoga class I was looking into.
At work, there were some drugs that were left out and they went bad. It was a $1000. We can't quite figure out where the chain of communication broke but now the entire staff for that day will be getting Letters of Concern. They are really just smacks on the wrist but it pisses me off. We were so busy getting the meds ready for the pts that none of us, can remember if they were out or not. So basically we are being punished for coming to work and making sure that the pts recieved their meds. Isnt pt care supposed to be first? Apparently not. Every day I am reminded why I cannot cannot stand working in my department. I love my job and it is really a shame that i can't stand the place where I do it. If it wasn't for the rate, which is the highest in the area, I would have bailed long ago. Hopefully, the classes I am taking will pan out into something more. :)